Conferences such as ours are a fundamental component in academia, as international exchange is crucial for the advancement of science. However, it might not always be feasible, especially for early career researchers and students, to attend such events due to the distance and financial or personal reasons. This ultimately results in a less diverse group of conference attendees. We are also aware of the fact that conference traveling increases the academic carbon footprint and therefore we need to find alternative ways to exchange scientific ideas that do not rely on air travel.

To make an effort to overcome the problems stated above, we would like to present the IMPRS conference as a hybrid of a traditional conference and an e-conference. We contacted several universities to be part of the conference as remote hosts. These universities will be provided with free access to the livestream of the keynotes, short talks and discussion sessions and will be a host for interested students and researchers near them. The idea of having a joint viewing instead of individuals watching the stream on their private laptops is to foster exchange of ideas and start discussions about the talks not only at the conference site but also amongst our remote attendees.

More information about our remote hosts will be announced here soon.