IMPRS conference 2020

The IMPRS conference of 2020, which took place on 5-7 June, was the second conference organized by the International Max Planck Research School for the Language Sciences. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizing team had to transfer the original physical format to a virtual format within 3 months.

The conference had two themes Language Disorders and Memory & Learning, four keynote speakers Ellen Gerrits, Matthew Lambon-Ralph, Laura Batterink and Carel ten Cate. For each keynote we had invited two speakers for short talks. These speakers were Babette Diepeveen, Hayo Terband, Vitória Piai, Anja Staiger, James McQueen, Lisa Henderson, Leonidas Doumas and Marieke Woensdregt. There were also two workshop sessions. Here the attendees could learn about Power analyses with Andrew Jessop, Git version control with Kristijan Armeni & Sophie Arana, Virtual Reality with Eleanor Huizeling & Evelien Heijselaar, Data visualization with Laurel Brehm, Improving your productivity with Marisha Manahova and Open Science with Eirini Zormpa. Attendees got the chance to present their work during three virtual poster sessions (for which abstracts can be found in the booklet). Finally, since a conference is not a conference without socializing and networking, a pub quiz and virtual drinks were organized.

As a result of the virtual conference format the IMPRS conference was accessible to a very international audience: all in all, we had 402 sign-ups from 39 different locations! Take a look at the interactive world map to see how many participants we welcomed from which country. Click on a country to see how many visitors joined us virtual from that country!

Look back at the conference scrolling through our #IMPRSconf2020 twitter hashtag